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Container Trades Statistics

Sail Smarter By Navigating Data Driven Market Insights

CTS Global Data Reports

TEU Volumes

TEU Volume reports: Charting the Seas with CTS Data.

Navigate 7 trade Regions, 529 Sub-regions, and over 125,000 Port pairs with a dry and reefer split option. Set sail for new business opportunities, strategy updates, and Global trade insights.

Price Indices

Enhance Your Contract Negotiations.

CTS offers transparent and impartial Global Price Indices derived from actual invoiced freight rates, complete with comprehensive dry and reefer splits, as standard at regional and sub-regional level.

Contributing Shipping Lines

Container Trades Statistics Shipping Lines

Contributing Shipping Lines

Container Ships
COSCO Shipping
ESL Shipping
Evergreen Shipping
Gold Star Line
Hapag Lloyd
HMM Shipping
MAERSK Shipping
Messina Shipping
MSC Shipping
ONE Shipping
OOCL Shipping
PIL Shipping
SWIRE Shipping
W.E.C. Shipping
Yang Ming Shipping
ZIM Shipping

Contributor Testimonials:

Insights from the Front Line

{ESL’s decision to subscribe to CTS/WLDL have been right from day one. The data and regular update on the market trends from WLDL have been instrumental in our analysis and service decisions. It has helped us in many ways including trade positioning to see where opportunities exist for us to participate.{
Emirates Shipping Line
{ZIM is pleased to be one of the members contributing and using CTS data. We find it provides understanding of the market as a base for development and decision-making. Its strengths include compliance with competition regulations and continued enhancements in discussion with members.{
{Only those who know the history of container statistics can see look into the future!{
{A core element of implementing any strategy is accurate market intelligence data. CTS are uniquely positioned in collating a huge amount of data, members and customers can view aggregated trade-lane volumes trends, providing an invaluable tool for those involved in the supply chain, and those interested in understanding & measuring container market trends for their business.{
{Being a full contributing member to CTS provides us with visibility to market trends which inform our strategic planning and decision making.{

The CTS Advantage

Container Trades Statistics Foresight and Supply

Foresight into Supply and Demand Dynamics

Understanding the historical and current volume trends allows businesses to anticipate changes in supply and demand. This foresight is essential for effective inventory management, production planning, and maintaining balance in supply chain operations.

Container Trades Statistics Most Comprehensive Data Set

Most Comprehensive Dataset in the Market

Comprising of 75/80% contributed member data and market-driven estimating for the remaining 25% to offer unparalleled insights into the global total. Make informed decisions with confidence and stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic container shipping industry.

Container Trades Statistics Versatile Data Downloads

Versatile Data Download Options

Free registration and the availability of data in accessible formats depending on preference (Excel, Power BI & other file sharing options) make it easy for your business to leverage global shipping data to their advantage.

Container Trades Statistics Portfolio Diversification

Portfolio Diversification

Critique the ebb and flow of global trade to enable your businesses to diversify investments and loan portfolios strategically. By identifying industries and regions with stable or growing TEU volumes, you can mitigate risks associated with market volatility.

Customer Testimonials:

CTS Data, With A Purpose

{Japan Maritime Centre (JMC) is a representative think tank on shipping in Japan and uses CTS data to compile and analyse container transport trends. The analysis conducted has been published not only in the form of policy recommendations and surveys for businesses, but also in general newspaper articles and academic papers. CTS data has become a valuable and integral part of today's researched by JMC.{
Hiromasa Goto - Japan Maritime Centre
{I have used the CTS data for the past couple of years, to track the market volume developments in the reefer trades in Europe. The CTS data is our first go-to data set to get the big-picture view of cargo flows and to trace the trends in the market over time. Apart from the quality of data that you get to work with, the supporting team at CTS is also a great group of people to work with!{
Dirk Hoffman - Account Director Reefer Supply Chain Services UK, DP World
{As an academic researcher in the container shipping industry, one notable hurdle is the often limited availability of data needed for robust empirical analysis. The high-quality, high-frequency data from CTS offers a transformative resource for exploring previously unanswerable questions. Their detailed, port-pair level container volume data sheds light on evolving shipping network structures over time, while their frequent monthly updates provide current insights into global trade dynamics. My experience acquiring data from CTS was exceptionally positive, thanks to their knowledgeable and efficient team. CEO Nigel possesses an in-depth understanding of the data, from its compilation to its implications for analysis. Additionally, Claire and the sales team consistently delivered prompt and helpful responses to my urgent data inquiries. They also strive to understand the unique data needs of their customers to tailor the best data plans.{
Anhua Chen - Harvard University
{CTS Information helps us in various aspects of business processes, including equipment positioning strategy, new product launching, and performance evaluation. It contributes to efficiency and informed decision-making in our operations.{
Juan Enrique Yxart Romeu - ROMEU
{Forever. Faster. Data. Information.{
{CTS is a valuable marketing intelligence tool for us, supporting our business development activities. It helps us gain a clear understanding of market trends. Every need we have is always met with professionalism and precision. Indeed, an excellent choice.{
Lara Tropia, Business Development & Marketing Manager Finsea Group.

Empowering Industries: Fuelling growth with CTS data.

Freight Forwarder & Logistics:

Boost Your Competitiveness & Efficiency





  • Comprehensive Insights: Comprehensive insights from CTS data enable you to drive informed decision-making.
  • Effective Planning: Facilitates your effective planning of routes and optimisation of capacity.
  • Strategic Navigation: Enables your strategic navigation of market trends and identification of risks.
  • Competitive Pricing: Aids you in achieving competitive pricing and maintaining profitability.
  • Superior Customer Service: Ensures your customers receive superior service through accurate and up-to-date data.
  • Strategic Decisions: Supports your critical strategic decisions regarding market expansion and resource allocation.
  • Negotiation Strength: Strengthens your negotiation positions with carriers, securing you the best rates.
  • Compliance Assurance: Ensures you are compliant with industry standards, underlining its value in the logistics sector.

Port Operations:

Harbouring Your Success





  • Efficient Resource Allocation: Enables you to optimise your manpower, equipment, and berth space based on cargo flow insights.
  • Improved Planning and Forecasting: Facilitates you in accurate demand forecasting and operational strategy adjustments.
  • Strategic Infrastructure Development: Assists you in long-term infrastructure planning to accommodate container traffic growth.
  • Enhanced Competitive Edge: Helps you to benchmark performance and develop strategies to attract more business.
  • Risk Management: Aids you in anticipating and strategising for fluctuations in global trade.
  • Customised Service Offerings: Boosting your tailored services to meet specific cargo handling needs.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Reporting: Supports you in accurate reporting for compliance with regulations and transparent operations.

Finance & Consultancies:

Mitigate Risks With Confidence





  • Market Analysis for Investment Decisions: Utilises CTS data to make informed investments in the maritime sector.
  • Risk Assessment: Evaluate your investment risks through container volume and shipping rate trends.
  • Portfolio Diversification: Identifies growth opportunities for expansion of your strategic portfolio.
  • Supply Chain Consulting: Be able to advise on optimising supply chains based on global shipping trends.
  • Benchmarking and Competitive Analysis: Benchmarks industry performance using CTS insights.
  • Market Entry Strategies: Guide your business’s strategic decisions on geographical expansion with shipping data.
  • Economic Forecasting: Incorporate CTS data into your models for global trade predictions.

Government Body & Education:

Expand Your Horizons





  • Policy Development and Regulation: Use CTS data to inform policies and regulations to enhance maritime trade efficiency and competitiveness.
  • Trade Negotiations: Be able to support negotiations by providing insights into trade volumes and shipping patterns between regions.
  • Infrastructure Planning: Plan port infrastructure and logistics networks based on cargo flow trends.
  • Economic Analysis: Analyse the shipping industry’s impact on national and global economies.
  • Academic Research: Facilitates your research in fields like economics, supply chain and management.
  • Educational Resources: Providing you with real-world data for educational use in courses related to logistics, trade, and economics.


Transparency in Trade





  • Market Insights: Giving you a clear view into current and historical market trends for future informed decision-making.
  • Cost Prediction: Aiding your predictions and management of shipping expenses, enabling better financial strategy and planning.
  • Efficient Routing: Aiding you in identifying the most efficient and economical shipping routes.
  • Gaining Competitive Edge: Leverages market data to enhance your service offerings and boost customer satisfaction, offering you a competitive advantage.
  • Negotiation Power: Arming you with comprehensive market rate data, enhancing your negotiating stance with carriers and logistics providers.
  • Your Window Into The Container Market: Increasing transparency, allowing you to track market dynamics and strategically adjust.
  • Risk Management: Identifies supply chain risks, offering you the opportunity for pre-emptive action.
  • Supply Chain Efficiency: Supports your strategic supply chain decisions, leading to enhanced efficiency and reliability.


Optimise Your Strategy





  • Comprehensive insights: Access to detailed data on global trade movements provides you with a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics.
  • Accurate representation: Our data, sourced directly from manifests, accurately depicts global trade volumes.
  • Operational optimisation: By leveraging our data, you can optimise route planning, vessel deployment, and resource allocation to improve operational efficiency.
  • Risk mitigation: Identification of emerging market trends and potential risks allows you to make informed decisions to mitigate risks and capitalise on opportunities.
  • Strategic decision-making: Our data empowers you to make strategic decisions, such as entering new markets or adjusting service offerings, to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Value-added services: Access to our data enables you to provide value-added services to customers, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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