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WLDL Membership

World Liner Data Ltd (WLDL) is a non-profit representing global and regional container shipping lines. WLDL owns the database managed by CTS on its behalf.

WLDL members submit their TEU liftings and pricing data worldwide, based on UNLOCODES, which CTS audits and collates to ensure accuracy. For coverage details, download the Reporting Location document HERE. CTS compiles this into aggregated reports for WLDL use and sells data to third parties as WLDL’s agent. The operations of WLDL and CTS are regulated by global Competition Authorities.

Membership includes an annual fee based on the volume of TEUs contributed.

A Note From WLDL’s Chairman

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Unique Benefits of WLDL Membership





  • Gain exclusive access to market share information from fellow WLDL members.
  • Enhance your understanding of global supply and demand with access to exclusive trade reports and sailing lists on contributed routes.
  • Enjoy the convenience of unlimited data users who can independently access the data through CTS’s secure portal.
  • Establish NDAs with customers to facilitate contract-based pricing, fostering trust and transparency among stakeholders at no extra cost.
  • Cost-effective way to access an unparalleled Global Shipping Line database without having to allocate internal resources to collect and process the data.
  • Benefit from a 50% discount on reports for trades you don’t currently operate in, facilitating market research and expansion opportunities.
  • Special container reports such as dangerous goods.

Non-Contributing Lines





Any shipping lines that are not WLDL members and, therefore, do not contribute data are referred to as Non-Contributing Lines (NCLs); CTS employs a variety of high-level data sources to estimate the remaining volumes. This approach provides a single view of total global trade.

CTS’s collection process involves utilising various sources, including:

  • Financial Statements
  • Port Statistics
  • Customs Data
  • In-house Lifting Estimates based on Supply/Capacity
  • Press Releases
  • Market Data

The flagship Far East to and from Europe trade is derived from 100% contributed data, reflecting CTS’s commitment to accuracy and reliability.

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    “ESL’s decision to subscribe to CTS/WLDL have been right from day one. The data and regular update on the market trends from WLDL have been instrumental in our analysis and service decisions. It has helped us in many ways including trade positioning to see where opportunities exist for us to participate.”

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