Being a full contributing member to CTS provides us with visibility to market trends which inform our strategic planning and decision making.


A core element of implementing any strategy is accurate market intelligence data. CTS are uniquely positioned in collating a huge amount of data, members and customers can view aggregated trade-lane volumes trends, providing an invaluable tool for those involved in...


Only those who know the history of container statistics can see look into the future!


ZIM is pleased to be one of the members contributing and using CTS data. We find it provides understanding of the market as a base for development and decision-making. Its strengths include compliance with competition regulations and continued enhancements in...


ESL’s decision to subscribe to CTS/WLDL have been right from day one. The data and regular update on the market trends from WLDL have been instrumental in our analysis and service decisions. It has helped us in many ways including trade positioning to see where...